Before investing in a home in Knox County, consider hiring Ballenger Realtors

Why should you order an "appraisal" when you're not currently going through the process of securing a loan? After all, all you could want is some data on local properties. We understand the complexities of purchasing a house and we understand what you're going through. We'll help you to make an educated buying decision with our specially tailored reports.

A professional appraisal report from Ballenger Realtors can put you at ease when making a purchase decision. Don't hesitate to call us for more information.

Standard operating procedure for Ballenger Realtors (especially when working with homebuyers) includes...

  • A speedy reply to your initial inquiry: In return to your inquiry, Ballenger Realtors will provide you with personalized information. Act now! Just call us or e-mail us at about your situation and we will make suggestions.

  • Ballenger Realtors guarantees immediate turnaround time: You'll get a response within one business day (typically in hours or minutes) and you'll see results in one week or less.
  • We produce appraisal and consulting reports to suit YOUR individual needs: When it comes to appraisal and consulting, "One size does NOT fit all!" There are many different types of reports and delivery methods that Ballenger Realtors offers.
  • Prompt reply to additional concerns: Our company's appraisals are clearly composed, comprehensive, and meet or exceed the Uniform Standards of Professional Practice that define the appraisal profession in Tennessee. If you have some issues in regards to your appraisal after you've read the results, we encourage you by all means to contact us.